Dive into the Incredible World of Ocean Animals

June 4th, 2020

Are you a fan of fish? A connoisseur of crustaceans? Or do you just love jellyfish? Well, you are not alone. Author Blake Chapman knows that ocean animals are truly awesome, and she explains why in her new book for kids.
Illustration of marine habitat including fish, turtle and sea bird

The wonderful world of marine animals (illustration: Astred Hicks)


Our oceans are like nothing else – literally. Earth is the only planet known to have liquid water on its surface, and around 71 per cent of the planet is covered by oceans.

It’s little wonder then that the ocean is also home to some of the world’s most awesome animals. They come in every size, colour and shape imaginable, and are some of the weirdest, sneakiest and most talented animals on the planet!

Photo of a woman holding a baby stingray

Author Blake Chapman

Blake Chapman has a PhD in marine science, and has previously authored Shark Attacks: Myths, Misunderstandings and Human Fear, and is also the Sharks Editor-at-Large for Australian Geographic (external link).

She also has a passion for promoting conservation through education, AND loves all things wacky and wild! That’s why in her first book for kids she decided to deep dive into the fascinating topic of marine life, in Ocean Animals: The Weirdest, Smartest and Sneakiest Sea Creatures.

But with so many amazing animals found in our oceans, how did she choose which species to feature?

In Ocean Animals Blake focusses on the species with skills and talents that make them extra-incredible. Animals that are masters of defence like the pufferfish, or those that use high speeds to eat or avoid being eaten like penguins and flying fish. And other animals that use their size as an advantage, both the big and the small. You’ll be amazed at some of the fantastical creatures to discover.


The exciting thing about the ocean is that it is believed that less than 20 per cent has been explored. So our knowledge of the marine world is so incomplete that we don’t know if there are one million marine animal species, or ten million species. This means there is just so much more to discover!


Book cover of Ocean animals featuring illustration of a blue whale and dolphin

Ocean Animals introduces you to the weirdest, smartest and sneakiest of sea creatures!

Ocean Animals is full of fun facts, ‘sea-lebrity’ species profiles and amazing pictures. Importantly you will also learn about issues threatening marine life and tips on how help to protect our amazing ocean environments.

The book can be purchased from our website or through your local bookstore. Teacher Notes are also available to download free from our website.

Take the plunge, we think you’ll enjoy the dip!