Building or Renovating? Our Building Technology Resources have got you covered from the ground up

September 29th, 2021

From foundations to footings and framework, termites to thermal insulation and solar, there are a wealth of decisions to be made when building, renovating or even just living in a house.
Aerial shot of a house facade during construction

Building, renovating, or just living: figuring out what to do can be confusing. Photo: Avel Chuklanov, Unsplash

To assist understanding of the building and construction process, we have relaunched our popular Building Technology Resources (formerly Building Technology Files and Notes on the Science of Building).

Since the 1960s, CSIRO’s resources have provided trusted information on building, maintenance, home protection and risk management. The new suite of resources – updated with the latest research and science in building and construction – provide solutions to a range of common problems faced in the building industry.

Suitable for homeowners, building and property development professionals, industry associations, local government authorities (LGAs) and safety authorities, these short guides are easy to read and accessible now as PDF downloads.

Pink insulation being installed

One of the resources provides an introduction to how thermal insulation works, why it is used and what products are available. Photo: Erik McLean, Unsplash

The updated guides include resources for those who are designing homes for temperate or cold winter climates, as well as information on solar photovoltaic systems, asbestos, termites, thermal insulation, indoor air quality, and more.

Developed by CSIRO’s recognised experts, these resources inform modern building practices.

Mark Burgess, Director of Infrastructure Technologies said, “Your own home is often the biggest investment any Australian will ever make.”

“With these resources, we aim to provide trusted information that people across the building and construction spectrum can rely upon in making important decisions about their home.”

CSIRO’s Infrastructure Technologies provides technical testing services to Australian and International standards, predominantly focused on the building and construction sectors.

Services range from fire safety, materials performance and acoustics, through to paints, coatings and durability.

The Building Technology Resources can be purchased individually or for a group of users. We also offer a range of options for sharing or distributing these resources. Contact us via email for digital licensing, bulk print orders or permission for over 10 users.

A home with solar panels on the roof

The Building Technology Resources include information on the basics of solar photovoltaic systems, as well as how to optimise the performance of your system. Photo: Giorgio Trovato, Unsplash