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[Music plays and an image appears of a dried woody banksia seed capsule with a fly moving over the screen above, and text appears: This is a story about fire: the sort of fire that breathes life back into the Australian bush]

[New text appears: Alight, A story of Fire and Nature]

[Image changes to show a gum tree in a paddock and the camera pans to the right and two people can be seen walking through grassland on the right, and text appears: The smoke drifts on the breeze, but Old Eucalypt is not worried]

[Camera zooms in on the two people walking through the grassland, and text appears: When the bush is ready, the people carefully light the fire]

[Image changes to show a grassy plant on the right, and text appears: Discover how the fire helps Christmas Bells grow new flowers…]

[Image changes to show a banksia plant displaying a green banksia flower and a head of woody seed capsules, and text appears: … and how it tells Wallum Banksia to open its woody seed capsules]

[Image changes to show an Antechinus in a hole, and text appears: Follow Antechinus – as she prepares for her first litter]

[Image changes to show a frog on a grassy plant and dragon flies can be seen flying above, and text appears: … and this tiny Wallum Sedge frog…]

[Image changes to show rain falling on seed pods on the earth, and text appears: … to see how the bush recovers…]

[Image changes to show a frog on a plant, and then a grassy plant appears on the right of the screen]

[Image changes to show a bird clinging to a flowering stem while insects move over the screen, and text appears: … and flourishes after the fire…]

[Image changes to show smoke in the distance on a grassy plain, and then the camera pans to the left to show the gum tree, and text appears: … all under the watch of Old Eucalypt]

[New text appears: Written by Dr Sam Lloyd, with illustrations by Samantha Metcalfe]

[New text appears: A gentle exploration of the importance of healthy fire in the Australian bush]

[Image changes to show the Alight book in the centre of the screen, and a bird clinging to a flowering stem can be seen on the right, and a flower on the left, and the CSIRO logo and text appears: Available in all good bookstores an online, CSIRO Publishing,, Video Production by Books on Tour PR & Marketing 2023]