Wonderful Wasps

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[Music plays and an image appears of the cover of Wonderful Wasps book showing different coloured wasps on flowers, and text appears: Wonderful Wasps, Katrina Germein, Illustrated by Susan Houghton]

[Image changes to show a close view of a European wasp on an agapanthus flower, and text appears: What do you know about wasps, European wasp]

[Image changes to show Potter wasps climbing on bottle brush flowers, and text appears: Potter wasp]

[Image changes to show different types of wasps moving around text in the centre of the screen: There are hundreds, no thousands, of native Australian wasps]

[Image changes to show a close view of a bright blue and green wasp, and text appears: There are wasps that shimmer in shades of bright blue and green]

[Image changes to show a Potter wasp building a nest, and another type of wasp building a different nest, and text appears: There are some without wings, and some almost too tiny to see]

[Image changes to show an Orange Spider wasp killing a spider, and text appears: Some capture spiders…, Orange spider wasp]

[Image changes to show a close view of wasps moving over a cut fig, and text appears: … any many are important pollinators]

[Image changes to show a variety of wasps and insects on different flowering plants, and text appears: Wonderful Wasps bring the beauty of native wasps to life, and explores the important environmental role they play]

[Image changes to show the book cover of Wonderful Wasps, and the image shows wasps in the background and moving across the screen, and the CSIRO Publishing logo and text appears: Available from CSIRO Publishing and in bookstores, www.publish.csiro.au, Video Production by Books on Tour PR & Marketing]