Capturing the Essence

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[Music plays and an image of the book Capturing the Essence appears. Subtitle on book is: Techniques for Bird Artists, William T. Cooper. The book has an image of three birds on a tree branch with a paint-brush in the foreground. A gold band at the bottom of the book has text on it: Re-release edition. The paintbrush moves to highlight the title]


[Image changes to two pages of the book. One is titled Light and Shade. The other shows seven different paintbrushes.]


[Image changes to a picture of a bird. The picture is multilayered, showing what the bird looks under the feathers as well as illustrating it in a feathered version. There are notes around the picture.]


[Image changes to multiple pictures of birds in black and white as well as colour. There are different views of the same bird.]


[Image changes to pictures of birds in flight. The pictures demonstrate the various wing altitudes.]


[Image changes to multiple views of one bird – the top, the bottom, it’s head with beak in several positions.]


[Image changes to image of the book Capturing the Essence. Text on screen: Available online and in all good bookstores. The CSIRO logo is in the bottom right hand corner.]