Life in a Hollow

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[Music plays and an image appears of a kangaroo and joey on the left of a flowering gum tree]

[Image moves across the screen to the right until a lizard can be seen on the rock below the tree]

[Image shows a gum branch breaking off the tree and falling to the ground]

[Camera zooms in on the spot where the branch broke off the tree and two galahs can be seen sitting on a branch near the spot]

[Image changes to show a bug moving around in a circle around text: Life in a Hollow, David Gullan, Illustrated by Suzanne Houghton]

[Image changes to show bugs swarming over the area where the branch broke off the tree, and text appears: Who calls a tree hollow a home?

[Image changes to show a gum tree moving onto the screen from the right and five lizards can be seen climbing up to the hollow in the gum tree, and text appears: A hollow in the Australian bush…]

[Image changes to show a large swarm of bats flying, and text appears: … provides a space…]

[Image changes to show a close view of three bats in the tree hollow, and text appears: … for many native animals to feel safe…]

[Image changes to show a pair of crimson rosellas next to the hollow feeding a baby in the hollow of the tree, and text appears: … and rest]

[Image changes to show the gum tree in the landscape and various reptiles can be seen in the rocks beneath the tree, a possum in the tree hollow, a kangaroo next to the tree, and birds perching in the tree branches, and text appears: How many animals will choose to move in?]

[Image changes to show a close view of the tree hollow, and then then image shows gum leaves blowing in the wind across the screen, and text appears: A lyrical story about the importance of tree hollows and how we can help protect them]

[Image changes to show the book cover for Life in a Hollow showing a possum and its baby in a tree hollow, and a lizard can be seen at the top of the screen and a frog at the bottom, and the CSIRO Publishing logo and text appears: Available from CSIRO Publishing and in bookstores, CSIRO Publishing,, Video Production by Books on Tour PR & Marketing 2023]