The Voyage of Whale and Calf

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[Music plays and an image appears of a picture of a humpback whale swimming at the surface of the water, and text appears: In the tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef, a humpback whale swims alone]

[Image changes to show the humpback whale deep down in the water facing towards the surface, and text appears: She is about to birth her first baby]

[Image changes to show a close view of the mother humpback whale with her baby next to her, and text appears: When Calf is born, he is the size of a small car]

[Image shows the camera panning along the length of the mother and baby humpback whales, and text appears: Whale stays alongside Calf as he explores his new world]

[Image changes to show a picture looking down on a pod of humpback whales with the mother and baby at the centre, and text appears: As winter comes to a close, Whale and Calf begin their long journey south to the icy waters of Antarctica]

[Image changes to show a picture of the mother and baby humpback whale in rough seas and an albatross can be seen flying overhead, and text appears: As the seas get rougher… and Calf becomes more independent]

[Camera continues to pan over the picture, and new text appears: They face many challenges along the way]

[Image changes to show a picture of a coral reef in a calm ocean, and text appears: Discover an enchanting story of a mother whale and her calf migrating across the ocean]

[Image changes to show the book cover of The Voyage of Whale and Calf, and text appears: Available in all good bookstores and online, Music –, CSIRO Publishing]