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[Music plays and a picture appears of a park ranger abseiling down into a forest from a large rock, and text appears: Deep in a forest in the Blue Mountains lives the Wollemi pine]

[Image changes to show a picture of a dinosaur, and text appears: It’s descended from a family of trees going back 200 million years… a dinosaur tree]

[Image changes to show two park rangers looking through a magnifying glass at the Wollemi pine sprig of leaves, and text appears: It was found by a park ranger who had never seen anything like this before]

[New text appears: Something completely new and very rare]

[Image changes to show three people planting Wollemi pine seedlings in a forest, and text appears: Its original location in the wild is a secret]

[Image changes to show helicopters lowering firefighters into the area of the Wollemi pine trees, and text appears: But when bushfire threatens it… will the Wollemi survive?]

[Image changes to show a new slide showing people planting a Wollemi pine tree in a garden, and text appears: Discover how conservation efforts are helping this living fossil to thrive, And what we can do to help ensure its survival]

[Image changes to show Wollemi pine sprigs in the background, and the CSIRO Publishing logo and text appears: The amazing true story of the Wollemi pine, Written by Samantha Tidy and illustrated by Rachel Gyan]

[Image changes to show the Wollemi Saving a Dinosaur Tree book cover, and text appears: Available online and at all good bookstores, publish.csiro.au]