Oceans at Night

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[Music plays and an image of a dolphin diving underwater appears. An octopus is under the water near a rock on the bottom left. There is seaweed growing along the bottom. Text on screen: As night-time nears, a world of creatures comes alive in our oceans.]

[Image changes to four stingrays underwater. Text on screen: Settle in and explore the wonderful world under the waves.]

[Image changes to jellyfish under the water. Text on screen: More than 4000 metres below the sur-face, it’s always night-time.]

[Image changes to an octopus under the water. Text on screen: Dive deep and discover what happens while you sleep!]

[Image changes to shadowy images of dolphins. Text on screen: Written by Vanessa Pirotta and illustrated by Cindy Lane.]

[Image changes to background of the ocean under a night sky. Under the ocean is a dolphin and sting-ray. On top of this image is a book titled Oceans at Night. Text on screen: Available online and in all good bookstores. publish.csiro.au. The CSIRO logo is in the bottom right hand corner.]

[Image changes so the background behind the book is now black with white stars twinkling. The book and text remain the same.]