Where Are All the Christmas Beetles

Transcript source


[Music plays and and pictures appears of Christmas beetles crawling over an esky, a cricket bat, and various wrapped presents, and text appears: As the weather warms and the festive season approaches…]

[Image shows a Christmas beetles crawling down an esky, and text appears: … our shimmering beetle friends start to appear]

[Image changes to show Christmas beetles moving through leaf matter on the ground and text appears: But lately they’ve become harder to find]

[Image changes to show Christmas beetles on gum leaves, and text appears: You no longer see them in gum trees…]

[Image changes to show Christmas beetles flying around a street lantern, and text appears: … or dancing around streetlights at night]

[Image changes to show a Christmas beetle moving across a dusty landscape, and text appears: Where are all the Christmas beetles?]

[Image changes to show Christmas beetles crossing the screen and the CSIRO publishing logo and text appears: Go on a lyrical discovery of these fascinating creatures and explore the mystery of why they are disappearing]

[Image changes to show new text: A new children’s book written and illustrated by Suzanne Houghton]

[Image changes to show the cover of the book Where are All The Christmas Beetles?, and text appears beneath: Available online and at your favourite bookshop, publish.csiro.au]