On the Trail of the Plains-wanderer

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[Music plays and an image appears of a view looking down on dry earth with insects crawling over the surface, and pair of bird footprints, and text appears: On the Trail of the Plains-wanderer, A precious Australian Bird, Rohan Cleave, Illustrated by Julian Teh]

[Image changes to show an animation of a Plains-wanderer bird sitting next to a grassy bush in a dry landscape and text appears: Out on the flat, dry land of the plains, a little bird sits like a statue]

[Animation image changes to show an emu looking at Plains-wanderer birds, and text appears: This is a Plains-wanderer… a shy and truly unique Australian bird]

[Animation images move through to show the Plains-wanderer sitting next to a bush, a Plains-wanderer crossing the screen, and then a Plains-wanderer squatting in the bush, and text appears: Danger lurks everywhere]

[Animation image changes to show the nose of a dingo appearing from the right of the screen chasing a Plains-wanderer bird as it takes off into the air]

[Animation image changes to show two Plains-wanderers birds near a grassy bush chasing insects, and text appears: In this dry country, the birds find water in the food they eat and raindrops that fall]

[Animation image changes to show a Plains-wanderer bird illuminated in torchlight, and text appears: But with the numbers getting dangerously low, the Plains-wanderer needs help]

[Animation image changes to show a cow grazing next to a paddock of small bushes and a pair of Plains-wanderers appears from the left walking amongst the grassy bushes, and text appears: With support from scientists and landowners, the future is brighter for the Plains-wanderer]

[Image changes to show the book cover of On the Trail of the Plains-Wanderer, and the CSIRO Publishing logo and text appears: Available from CSIRO Publishing and in bookstores, www.publish.csiro.au, Video Production by Books on Tour PR & Marketing 2022]

[Music plays and the image shows a Plains-wanderer bird appearing from the bottom of the screen to look at the book cover]